Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning we were at Eric's Mom's house! It was so much fun! Gavin woke up not really remembering it was Christmas. I had to ask him if Santa came and then he ran out in the living room and ran back saying "he came, he came!!" It was so cute. I have always loved going to Sue's for Christmas morning. I never really had a traditional Christmas morning so its really fun to share that.

Here is Marshy Moo sitting in his bumbo waiting to open a present!

Here is Gavin opening his little tube of Dinos he got in his stocking!! He was so excited!

Cruncher!!!!! GROWL!!! Gav's big Santa present was this animated dinosaur that you have to feed, train, and play with. He loves it!! Cruncher has now become the 5th member of our family!

Eric, Grandma and Marshy opening Marsh's big Santa gift!!!

Marsh playing with his Santa gift... Elephant that blows balls out his nose and plays music!!

We had so much fun staying at Grandma's!!! Christmas was such a fun day! We just stayed in our PJ's all day and played. The day was full of laughs and great food and great memories. I am so grateful for Eric's amazing family! Sue always goes way over board for Christmas. I am so grateful for her. She made the trip so fun and so special. I have always felt so loved and like I truly am her daughter, not just a in-law. 

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Walker Family said...

I love his cheeks!!!! Nom nom nom Marshmellow! :) Those rolls are the cutest!