Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning we were at Eric's Mom's house! It was so much fun! Gavin woke up not really remembering it was Christmas. I had to ask him if Santa came and then he ran out in the living room and ran back saying "he came, he came!!" It was so cute. I have always loved going to Sue's for Christmas morning. I never really had a traditional Christmas morning so its really fun to share that.

Here is Marshy Moo sitting in his bumbo waiting to open a present!

Here is Gavin opening his little tube of Dinos he got in his stocking!! He was so excited!

Cruncher!!!!! GROWL!!! Gav's big Santa present was this animated dinosaur that you have to feed, train, and play with. He loves it!! Cruncher has now become the 5th member of our family!

Eric, Grandma and Marshy opening Marsh's big Santa gift!!!

Marsh playing with his Santa gift... Elephant that blows balls out his nose and plays music!!

We had so much fun staying at Grandma's!!! Christmas was such a fun day! We just stayed in our PJ's all day and played. The day was full of laughs and great food and great memories. I am so grateful for Eric's amazing family! Sue always goes way over board for Christmas. I am so grateful for her. She made the trip so fun and so special. I have always felt so loved and like I truly am her daughter, not just a in-law. 

Christmas Eve 2011

For Christmas this year we were able to go home to Utah. I was so excited. Christmas is one of my very favorite holidays and this year Gavin was old enough to understand and get excited about Santa.
Christmas Eve growing up was always very special so we have tried to continue the Danish traditions that are so precious to me.

Gavin sitting on Santa's lap (aka Justin's Hahaha)

Here we are at Lisyl's opening presents.

Gavin opening up a present.

Kate and Lis opening up presents!

Kaylee opening!

Lucy and Jeff

Papa and Grammy and Marsh

Marsh playing with his new glowing seahorse!

Its hard to see in the picture but Gavin got a new Rex and he took one of Kate's new Princess dolls (Belle) and Res is eating Belle head. Hahahaha! We were all laughing at that.... except Kate.

We had such a great Christmas Eve with my family. I love being together and enjoying the Spirit of Christmas. I am so grateful for my parents who taught me to love Christmas for its true meaning but also made it so special and fun!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catching up on a few events that I've missed......

Marshall's Blessing

We had a great time and had so many family and friends come and support Marshall. It was such a fun day. My Dad and Allison drove down and with them came Lisyl, and Bethany! It was so great to have them come and stay with us for Marshall's special day. On the day of we had Eric's family with us too! It was so fun to have all the family together. My Aunt Lori came as well.

Disneyland Sept 2011

We got the chance to take the boys to Disneyland in September. It was so much fun. We had such a blast. Eric's Mom and Aunt came with us. We spent 3 full fun filled days there and loved every minute! Of course we took more then one picture. I have them all posted on Facebook! Gavin loved meeting all the charactors and going on the rides. His favorites where the Jungle Cruise and Toy Story, both Mainia and Buzz !!! As you can see he had to have the Goofy hat and he wore it everyday!!! Marshall had fun too! You could tell he loved looking at all the lights and just everything that was around him. I can't wait till we can go back. It truly is the happiest place on earth.

Gavin's 3d Birthday!!!

I can't believe that my baby has turned 3! He is such an amazing little boy! He has stolen my heart. He had a fun little party with his cousins (we didn't do a whole lot since we went to Disney for his bday). He had so much fun hanging out and opening presents. He is such a smart boy! A few things about him

He loves dinosaurs. (He can seriously name them all)
He love animals.
He loves doing puzzles (still!).
He loves watching movies
(favorites: Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Dispicable Me, KungFu Panda)
He loves TV
(favorites: Mickey, Deigo, Clifford, Curious George, Scooby Doo)
He loves his little brother.
He loves his Grandparents.
He know how to spell his name.
He know the alphabet.
He can count to 20.
He has a photographic memory (at least I think he does).
He loves the Book of Mormon and going to Primary.

I could go on and on about him. I love him so much. He is so sweet, and kind. and he is growing up way to fast.

Halloween 2011

Halloween was fun this year. Gavin was a T-Rex and Marshall was a pumpkin. We had a great time at the ward party and then taking Gavin Trick or Treating. 

Friday, December 2, 2011


This Thanksgiving was an interesting one.

Woke up excited. I was already. Cheese ball made, bags packed. All that was left was getting everyone up, dressed, the car loaded, and we were on our way.

It started out just like all our other Thanksgivings spent here in Arizona. We have loved them. We go to Eric's Aunt Marianne's house. She makes a FABULOUS meal, we all enjoy one another's company. We all sleep over to do Black Friday shopping the next day..... it is always super fun.

This year was a little different.....

This year we ended up in the ER.

It all started before dinner. I was in the living room playing with Marshall on the floor, Eric was in the kitchen, Gavin was outside in the backyard playing with his cousins. All was well. Then I hear the crying, and Andrea yelling my name over and over again. I get up thinking that Gavin has just been scared by Sammy when Eric walks in carrying Gavin with blood all over himself and Gavin.

This image is forever imprinted in my memory.

I follow Eric into the bathroom and as calmly as possible get Eric to move his hand from Gavin blood covered face/forehead. There is about an inch long gash that is just spirting blood. Andrea grabs a washcloth, I throw Marshall in the carseat and we are off.

Gavin is sitting in my lap and I am holding his head as we follow Eric's Uncle to the hospital. We get Gavin to calm down enough to tell us what happened.

All the kids were just playing and running around when one of the cousins throws a big river rock which happened to land on Gavin's head.

It wasn't until later that it dawned on me how serious this could have been and very blessed we are that it didn't end up being something more serious.

We get to the ER and luckily enough there was basicly no one there. The nurse comes out looks at Gavin's head, which at this point had stopped bleeding. A few minutes later they call us back. A little while later the PA comes in and cleans up Gavins head and face.

All the have to do is super glue it !!

Answer to prayers! I just want to jump up and down! I am so grateful. I know the process of getting stitches and I don't know if I or Gavin would have been able to make it through that. Little did we know that stitches weren't even on opition. It was either glue or staples!! Thank goodness for glue!!

Gavin was so brave and did not cry at all. I think I was more shook up then he was.

Later now when you ask him what happened he says ..... that his cousin threw a rock and hit him on the head then he went to the dr to make his ouwie better and to clean up the BBQ sauce aka blood.

 I forgot my camara so these are pictures from the next day.

Gavin's cut head. His hair is stuck like that now from the glue! We are probably going to have to just shave his head to get it out.

Here's Gav happy as a clam with the new animal blanket ( the nurse gave him) and the toy he got to pick out for being so brave!

Gavin's new blanket and Zurg toy! He loves them both. Sleeps with his blanket every night and takes Zurg with us almost everywhere we go.

Gavin's brave face.

One tuff kid!

It's been over a week now and Gavin is doing great. He doesn't even notice his ouwie anymore. Eric and I on the other hand are super paranoid about it. We are so worried he is going to bonk his head. Gavin is a bit clutsy! Not sure who he gets that from......

One thing that has come from our little adventure is that I am so grateful for my sweet Gavin. Not that I wasn't before but like I said before when all was said and done and I could take a second and think about how easily we could have lost him forever....

Those rocks where huge and could have very easily done some serious damage.

It just reaffirms my beliefs that life is so short and you never know when the Lord will call you home so we must be very grateful for the time we have together.
I love my boys and my family so very much.
I would do anything so that they never have to feel any pain or go through anything like Gavin did.
I also know that that is not life and that we have to go through these things to help us grow and make us stronger.

Let's just say Gavin and Marshall both got a lot more hugs and kisses then they usually do this past week.

I guess this Thanksgiving the thing that I am most grateful for is my beautiful little family. I am thankful for the knowledge that families for forever and that no matter what life throws at you that knowledge is sure.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Before we had any kids, even before I was married I always said that I wanted a lot of boys....I even said all I wanted was boys! And can I just say I love my boys! They are so cute and so much fun! Gavin makes me laugh everyday with all the funny things he says and He amazes me with how smart he is! Marshall just melts my heart with his sweet smiles and his new little laugh! I can't wait to see who they becomes but I love where they are at now and I'm enjoying every minute!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I need to be better......

So its been decided...... I need to be better at blogging. After all it is almost like a journal, and I also enjoy reading other's blogs and maybe there is someone out there who likes reading mine so ....... disicion made..... I need to be better.

To begin with I guess I should update all you avade readers with what is going on in the lives of us Tippetts.....

Daddy working hard and well working hard for his family. He just got promoted a few months ago and it keeps him busy at work but happy. It has been a major blessing and a great answer to prayer! So HOORAY for Daddy's Job!!!

Mommy Tippetts............ is busy being a mommy! I don't really do much else! Not a whole lot to report. One other thing I need to work on is finding time to clean the house..... hahaha! Now that the weather is cooler there are parks to visit...... no time for housework. YUCK!

Gavin Tippetts.......aka Handsome Gav..... Gav had his 3 year appointment and weighted in at 31 lbs and 37 and 3/4 inches tall! He is doing so so so good and is super smart! He loves to read books, play with animals, and dinosaurs and knows all of their names....seriously all of them. He knows more names of dinos then I do..... He loves to watch videos on youtube (all educational, of course, except for maybe a few funny farting ones here and there). He is seriously the smartest little 3 yr old I know. He is so tenderhearted and still love to cuddle! I hope that never changes!!!

Marshall Tippetts.......aka Moo Moo..... Marsh is now 3 and a half months old and growing strong! He is such a big boy! At 3 months he weighted 14.2 lbs and was 24 inches long! He is huge! He is such a happy baby! He smiles all the time. Even when no one is looking at him. He can roll over from back to tummy and talks all the time!!! Now that he is getting over his reflux he is such a good baby and a joy to have in our family! I just love his chubbyness and rubberband rolls!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Marshall Eric Tippetts

My sweet Marshall is finally here. Actually he has been here for over a month now but I've been busy. Marshall was born on July 10, 2011 at 10:37am. (exactly 5 minutes later then his brother was born! Gav was born at 10:32am) He weighed in at 8 lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches long. He had a smaller head then Gavin, thank goodness. The labor went well. Gotta love the epidural!! It took almost 12 hours start to finish. His first few hours where a little rough. He swallowed a lot of fluid and had a ton of "spit-up" if that's what you call it. Have you ever heard of someone's water breaking after the head comes out? Well that's kind of what happened. My water broke but his head and body acted like a plug so when his head came out so did all the water. Weirdest thing I have ever seen! Sorry for the details but I don't want to forget them. Nursing has also been ten times easier this time thank goodness!!!! We like to call Marshall our little Marshmellow! He loves to eat and that is all he wants to do. In fact he eats to much and gave himself reflux. I ended up taking him at 3 weeks because he would just cry and cry when he would eat and I didn't know what was wrong because he wasn't spitting up so I didn't think it could be reflux. Sure enough. The Dr said its because he's eating to much and his little tummy can't hold all he wants it too. Poor guy. In those 3 weeks he gained exactly 2 lbs! He is doing better but still struggles a little with his reflux! He is too cute though with his double chin and rubberband legs!!! We just love him!
Gavin has been going pretty good with Marshall. He treats him so nicely and has never been mean to him. He is coping pretty good with all the changes in his life. He loves to give Marshall kisses and he loves to hold him. The only real acting out has occured at night. He gets up everynight and wants to come into our room. I'm pretty sure its because Marshall gets to be with us all night. But we are working on it and over all he is an amazing big brother.
My three wonderful amazing boys! Oh how I love them all so much!!! I don't know what I do with out them!
My sweet boy having a a little skin on skin time a few hours after he was born.
Minutes after birth.
It has been a hard transition but I love my family. I am so grateful for how very blessed we are.